Our country will ban the import and sales of general lighting incandescent lamps more than 100w from January 10 this year, which is undoubtedly one of the good news for LED into the civil market. The research and development of civil LED products accelerate fast and form various product applications. Although LED lighting products are mainly still commercial lighting, many LED lighting manufacturers also introduce household LED product series.

These new LED products have various functions such as cold light, warm light and dimmable light. Different from the previous high-end products, LED lighting manufacturers began to realize that LED products close to the life will be popularized and applied this year. For example, users can control the lighting range of dimmable LED bulbs and adjust light scope and angle according to need by themselves.


LED lighting into civil market is the trend of The Times, the international lighting tycoons begin to pay attention to the future market in succession. LED products have many characteristics with high quality and flexibility and simple installation. LED lights like LED bulbs and LED spotlights are suitable for elegant and warm family atmosphere with features of unique design and bright brilliance. BLUEBOO lighting manufacturer provides 7W and 10W LED bulbs with bright but downy and no dazzling light, especially suitable for replacing incandescent lights and energy-saving lamps.

At present, lighting industry in our country is in the revolutionary renewal period. Incandescent lamps will be eliminated; energy-saving lamps may be at the peak; LED is in the ascendant. LED lamp is a technical revolution of lighting industry. LED lamps generally can save energy 70%~80% compared to energy-saving lamps, and the life is 4 times as long as energy-saving lamps. However, the price of LED light is 3~4 times as high as energy-saving lamps, thus the high price becomes the barrier of LED household lighting popularity. BLUEBOO lighting has a new price breakthrough in LED lighting, which is not cheap relative to traditional incandescent lamps but the price has reducd for mainstream brand energy-saving lamps.

Whether LED goes into thousands of families or not depends on the price reduction. The current LED chip accounts for 60% of the total cost of the whole light. Along with the ascension of luminous efficiency and the expansion of production capacity, chip price drops by 30% to 40% this year, but there is still quite large space to make effort.